TheComputerGuy96's old & rejected videos

I signed up to YouTube in February 2009 when I was 12 years old (I wasn't even supposed to do it since YouTube's terms of service say you have to be at least 13 to sign up for a YouTube account). This "TheComputerGuy96" account actually replaces my first-ever YouTube account named "ale12396" (I wanted ale123 but it was taken), made in September 2008, which had about 200 subscribers and got suspended because of inappropriate commenting (when you're this young you're prone to doing stupid shit).

Upon making this "TheComputerGuy96" channel I got a little better, but was still young. I made videos very frequently, especially in 2009 and 2010, most of which were pretty lame. This is why they're now unlisted (thankfully I didn't delete them).

To see some of the even older videos that were on the "ale12396" channel instead, click here.

Also in this page are present some newer videos which I never made public for the same reason: they weren't good enough.

So here is the list! Videos are ordered from oldest to newest. Start reading from the bottom (click here to jump there) if you want the reversed order.

None of the videos linked in this page are monetized by me, if a video has ads it's because of a copyrighted song. All YouTube video links open in a new tab.

Special thanks to dnomaid on Twitter for suggesting to move this page to GitHub since Dropbox has removed the ability to use your "Public" folder as a website.

Thanks for visiting.

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