HP 15 laptop from 2015

I only use Mac OS on this computer for video editing (with iMovie). For everything else I use Windows 10.

Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2.53 GHz, mid 2009)

HP Pavilion tower PC from 2008

IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T60 laptop from 2006

Windows 10 would work, but the ATI video drivers last updated for Windows Vista cause some issues.

HP Stream 13 laptop from 2016 (family PC)

HP OmniBook 2000CS laptop from 1997

This computer has the power board and keyboard controller integrated into one circuit board, which appears to be a point of failure because this computer often fails to turn on or the keyboard is unresponsive. For this reason I rarely use it.


(**) I replaced the screen in my iPhone 4S because the LCD was broken. Although it works and everything is connected properly, when the phone reboots, it only shows a white screen with random vertical lines, and I have to keep rebooting to make it work fine again (it takes about 5 to 20 tries every time).
To make this easier and quicker I do it when the battery is low and it shows the "low battery" screen instead of turning on. When it displays the "low battery" screen correctly I can plug it in, so it charges, boots up, and then works until the next reboot.

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